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By M. Joseph Hutzler, Escatologist

Recently a video has surfaced bringing the accuracy of the biblical account into question. This was brought to my attention by one of my subscribers.


Here is my response to that video:

Thanks for sharing. I suppose like bank tellers being taught how to tell if money is counterfeit - I too just handle the real thing - fully aware that there are as many versions/interpretations of scripture out there. I, in fact, attended bible school where my professor believed that there were as much as 30,000 years between Adam and the flood.


But let's break this down a bit...


2:10 - He is talking about Usher dating from the supposed birth of Christ (4BC) and counting backward to find the beginning.


I do not do this. I start with Genesis 5:3. Adam was 130 when he had Seth. This is where dating and time begin. For a full response to this see...

Critical difference--- firstly I make no assumptions - only take the verses as they are. Each of the 3 texts has Genesis 5:3 stating: Adam lived 130 years and then had Seth. Therefore Adam was 1 year old - 129 years prior. When did he begin keeping track of time? Not while he lived in the garden in perfection and sinlessness and timelessness. No. When he began to die. God said when you eat of this tree ye shall surely die. In Hebrew, it is understood - to die the deaths. Spiritual death was immediate. Physical death began and took 930 years to kill him. Second Death... well that is something no one wants to experience - eternal separation from the Spirit and Presence of God. 


At 1:56 he mentions that Usher believed Christ was born in the year 0. There is no year 0 and never has been. It goes 1BC to 1AD. Year 0 does not exist. 


2:16 - States that Christian believe the earth is 6000 years old. Not so. The planet itself could be much older than that. It is the time of man to which I and many others pay attention to. Genesis 6:3 - Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.’ 120 Jubilee cycles. 6000 years. We need to be clear on the difference of time --- the planet and man. The timelines for each are not the same thing. 


3:22 - Time in Egypt. Popular misunderstandings here. Study the life timeline on the chart (FULL BIBLE TIMELINE) of Jacob - then Joseph. Note the death of Joseph in 2309AM - after co-ruling in Egypt for 80 years. Exodus: 12:40 - And the sojourning of the children of Israel, while they sojourned in the land of Egypt and the land of Canaan, four hundred and thirty years. Further: God promised Abraham that He would bring them out in the fourth generation: Genesis 15: 14-16 - States that God will judge the nation Israel is forced to serve and that He will bring them out in the fourth generation. From the time Levi brings his family into Egypt with Jacob and the rest of the family - to Moses - He is the fourth generation.  See the Generations from Jacob to Moses on the chart. (FULL BIBLE TIMELINE)


5:38 - The discussion here is trying to pinpoint the arrival of the promise. I love the way this guy is thinking and presenting... my only comment is that Abraham received the promise at the birth of Issac. Now God had made this promise to Abraham over and over again - Gen. 12: 1-3, Gen. 17, Gen 18,. Gen. 22:17 and so on. In Hebrews, we read that after he patiently waited --- he received the promise - Heb. 6:15. So it was not until the birth of Issac. 


6:00 - Moses received the law the same time they left Egypt. Not so. -- it took time to reach the mount - you're marching over a million people! Numbers 1:1 - they were there a total of 2 years. We are not sure exactly what day Moses walked down with the first copy of the commandments. Apart from that - he is right and the Greek Septuagint states this clearly. 215 and 215. Keep in mind that the 215 in Egypt includes the 80 under the leadership of Joseph, so now you have 135 years in bondage under the new rulers the Hyskos - correlates with Egyptian history. The people who knew not Joseph. Exodus chapter one. Now they hold the Israelites under bondage for an additional 89 years until Moses is born. Moses lives like a prince for 40 years, then 40 years as a shepherd and so he comes back to deliver them out 80 years into his life. 2478. So the full time of captivity would have been 169 - 180 years. 


17:00 - The lifeline of Shem. I see in the video the argument made. I understand his point of view. I just will agree to disagree. Here is why. As he says in the mouth of two or three witnesses - The book of Jasher is an ancient Hebrew script and is referenced twice in Scripture itself. Once by Jude, Christ's brother, and once by Samuel - of whom it is said not one prophetic word was unaccomplished. Here the early life of Abram is clearly given and the impact of Noah and Shem in 'father' Abraham's life is explained. Shall we discount this record altogether? Perhaps. That will be up to the individual reader. There are some things that don't add up in all copies of the ancient bibles, in all versions - as he illustrates in this video - yet we must agree with Paul - all scripture is given by God. What shall we believe? If you study the life of Shem you can see how - yes indeed - he was a powerful man, priest, and prophet. Decide whether you wish to believe the following... but according to rabbinical teaching, Shem established a school of the prophets back in those days and taught the oracles of God, how to follow Jehovah, how to be in covenant with Him. Eber later joins Shem in this training and in fact, it is from Eber that the Hebrews derive their name - Hebrew. The practices of keeping covenant are historic and provide a powerful study, when in fact, you realize that the whole of the Bible is a covenant. Covenant language, covenant practices all the way through. David declares - 'who is this uncircumcised philistine'? Jesus calls his disciples, servants or followers or disciples but not until after the cross does he say 'go and tell my brothers' - covenant. Jesus is our High Priest through the spilling of His own blood. Powerful study. These practises were taught and keep alive after the ark. The right way to follow God and keep the covenant. Abel did right - following the practices - Cain did not - there was no spilling of blood in his sacrifice. It falls to Shem to keep this alive in the consciousness of man. So he does. Abram knows this.


Keep in mind that there was a separation in the family, from those following God in covenant with Him and those who moved away from Noah and Shem and lived under the rulership of Nimrod the King (Another interesting person to study). It broke the heart of fathers to watch their children choose idolatry over relationship with God. Yet over and over again it happened. As it does today. One line following after sin - not associated with righteousness, absent from the blessings and the promises which promise a long life. Ps. 91:16, Deut. 5:33, Eph. 6:1-4, Deut. 6:1-2 etc. These children have lost the knowledge of God and follow idols. Abram's father, Terah has no idea who God is. Shall we assume that these enjoy the same blessings as those following the Covenant? Is there a greater purpose to the life of Noah and Shem? Noah himself lives for 930 years. Noah is born in the year 1056 and dies in the year 2006. Clearly alive during the life of Abram. Methuselah is born in the year 687 - the prophetic nature of his name and his life carrying meaning to his generation is not lost - despite the fact that he buries his father! Lamech dies four years before Methuselah! Methuselah dies the same year as the flood.


18:06 - After using selected video clips to make you feel stupid if you believe otherwise - he argues that there are an additional 600 missing years in the lives of Arphaxad to Serug. In a later video, he actually adds more years - another 50. If we add these years we push everything forward - the exodus - the life of Joseph - the taking of the promised land, the building of the first temple, etc. Now the math is way out in all ways - Egyptian history, Israeli History - nothing fits this model. Even today you can see fathers who outlive their children and bury them. Read: ---- more and more parents today are outliving their children and sometimes grandchildren. This is in our time! How much more back then? Or -


19:04 - Shem did indeed outlive all those descendants, whom I refer to above. Yet these descendants did not even know Shem. Keep in mind that during the time of Peleg the languages are introduced and there is even more separation between families. People drift apart and traditions morph - but the root of the ancient story of a redeemer remains.


Shem is the high priest that Rachel seeks out during her pregnancy. Shem is likely the character that Abram pays the tithe to on his way back from the battle of the five kings. (Much research in this among the Rabbis). See Calvin's Complete Commentary on the Bible - Gen. 31:19. Also, see Gills Exposition on the Entire Bible: "and she went to inquire of the Lord; to the school of Shem the great, say the Targums of Jonathan and Jerusalem, and so Jarchi: the Arabic writers say (d), she inquired of Melchizedek".


Following the Full Bible Timeline, we get from Adam to Abraham - 1948 years. The prophetic significance of this in the nation of Israel being reborn in this 'last generation' being 1948 is hard to dismiss. I suppose we could just say its a coincidence. You have to settle that in your mind. If you believe that God did not particularly care which year Israel would be reborn as a nation fulfilling the prophecy that Christ gave us - then that is fine. I personally do not see it that way. I can't believe that it is mere chance that the antichrist of that generation - Hitler - was defeated and the League of Nations proposed a national home for the Jews first in 1947 (Nov.) and that this was defeated in a vote - held over until May 1948 and finally passed. I see significance here. But that's just me. 

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