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At long last - From Fear to Faith, our story.

It was back in 2010 when we were facing the greatest crisis of our lives, that Tracey began to hear God's voice in a very clear way. But what He was asking us to do made no sense at all, in the natural.

Our financial situation was more than dire, our work prospects slim, our vision of our future clouded by fear and doubt. And it was in the midst of these rough waters, with the fog of confusion making it difficult to navigate, that the beacon of hope cut its way through the storm of our life. Shining a path for us, but still it would take courage for us to venture into these new seas.

Following one miracle after another we stepped out in quick obedience and He lead us on an adventure that would touch countless lives from coast to coast and nation after nation. He opened a door for us to be guest on Arab/Christian Television for a two-hour live broadcast. Invited to share our story of His provision and His immense love for all people, we preached and prophesied under His guidance.

You are welcome to download your copy today, featuring 190 pages of His amazing grace and love for you and your family. Discover how He orchestrated our journey to be at just the right place at just the right time to be love to the people He had pre-ordained us to meet.

There is nothing special about us. We were just courageous enough to act quickly on the things He was telling us and He made it all happen.

We were broke. He provided. Over and above all we could ask or even think. And He is right now, looking to make Himself strong on your behalf.

I know you will be radically blessed by these tales of His grace and mercy.


M. Joseph Hutzler


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