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From Fear to Faith

At long last. 


When we left everything behind, obeying God and selling all we had, I did not recoginze the great things He was going to do in our lives. After thousands of miles on the road and countless divine encounters I feel quite safe in saying that if you would be brave enough to step out just a little bit, He will do the rest.


I had no idea that I would write a book about our adventures as digital nomads for Jesus. As time passed and we shared these stories over and over again, I suppose it was only natural. So I welcome you to the first edition of Fear to Faith. Yes, two corporate cubical junkies mustered up the courage to obey that still small voice and sell everything we owned to live in a 1972 VW Bus, following His leading to all the places we wanted to go.


That is how it works with God, He knows all the places your heart would love to go and He is there waiting for you to show you what you can do for Him there.


I know the many stories of our divine encounters contained within these pages will thrill you and stir up faith inside your spirit to believe Him for great things in your life. The greatest of these is love. Learning to love others begins with learning to love yourself, and that starts with seeing yourself the way He sees you. Flawless.



From Fear to Faith

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