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M. Joseph Hutzler, Biblical Eschatologist 



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M. Joseph Hutzler, Eschatologist 

During our first year on the road in our VW Bus, I began to research the life of Enoch. I wanted to know who influenced this mighty man of faith. As a graphic designer, my research took the form of a simple chart. Little did I know that this simple bible timeline chart would continue to grow and develop. This is the clearest, easiest to follow bible timeline and will be a powerful tool in your bible study or home fellowship. 


This comprehensive biblical timeline follows the genealogy of Christ from the fall of man, Adam in the garden, to the birth of Christ and to the present day. The top of the Full Bible Timeline is an archeological and historical timeline of civilizations and dynasties that ruled the ancient world. revealing how the biblical account of events ties in with this historic record. You can learn many fascinating facts about Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. It is the perfect prophetic bible timeline covering the past 6000 years of the old testament and new testament.


The chart ends with a study of eschatology that is critical to today's church.
From Fear to Faith


Often humorous, sometimes tragic, these gypsies had sold everything to be obedient to the call. What lay ahead of them was a life-changing experience that would redirect them financially, spiritually and emotionally.


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Just some of the features of the Full Bible Timeline

M. Joseph Hutzler, (Mark) has been teaching the Bible for over 25 years. A graduate of Bethel Bible School in California, Mark has spent many years traveling and sharing the Good News.


God had led Mark to sell all he had and restore a 1972 VW Bus. Having done that, God moved in miraculous ways taking him all around Canada and the United States. More about the VW trip can be found on our other website: 


Mark and Tracey have been featured on the popular weekly radio program, 'Truths for Today' with Dr. David Nicholas of Shasta Bible College in Redding California. They enjoyed discussing the amazing love of the Father and their great adventures, provision and divine appointments as they traveled. Also, Mark and Tracey were featured guests on 'The Way TV', an Arab/Christian live television broadcast,  out of Los Angeles, California. This 2-hour live program was broadcast to over 50 nations and featured live phone-in calls from the hungry and searching. God powerfully moved with spontaneous prophetic words and revelations.  

In the spring of 2014, Mark and Tracey felt led to move to Mexico for a time. Not an uncommon thing for these willing gypsies for Jesus. After 9 months and beautiful salvations, at La Fuente Church in Bucerias, Mexico, they returned back to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where they attend co-host a dynamic homegroup. Mark and Tracey have 5 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. 

Since September 2017, the couple having again, sold everything, and are currently traveling the world with two laptops and the Holy Spirit.

Both Mark and Tracey speak, releasing the Kingdom of God into the hearts and lives of everyone they touch. Transforming atmospheres with the tangible love of God. Their heart for people has taken them across Canada and around the United States, to Costa Rica, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland and England. Currently, they are on an Asian tour covering; China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. 


Mark's passion is plain and clear biblical teaching that is anointed and captives the audience with humour and keen revelatory information. Mark brings the listeners with him on a journey through the Bible and beyond. His one-day seminar entitled "Beyond the Last Days" is a deep study on who and when we are as a generation on the brink of the most major prophetic revelations of our time. Beyond the Last Days will awaken your hunger for the Kingdom of God in a new way and entice you to dig into the Word for yourself to discover the truths about the Millennium and what it means to us, today.


Mark is available for speaking engagements and can be reached through our contact page.

The full bible timeline offered on this website is a result of years of study, literally 1000's of hours and extensive historical research. It is a powerful tool to see the hand of God directing events throughout history to bring Jesus Christ into the world. 

A better life both Spiritually and Physically


Tracey has her degree as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and conducts educational seminars to help keep the Body of Christ in tip top shape. 


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