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M. Joseph Hutzler, Eschatologist 

End Times secrets hidden in the events of Abraham's life.


What I have discovered by carefully examining the dates given in the bible, is that the Full Bible Timeline correlates to what many ancient scholars and Jewish Rabbi's have taught for centuries. Let's walk through the slides and let you make up your own mind.

I will only be presenting the information as given to us in the genealogies found in scriptures.


I call this the Abrahamic Life Code, as there is a direct link to the life of Abraham, the nation of Israel and the church today. It was only from creating the bible timeline that I began to research the early life of Abraham and also, naturally, the scriptural events that occurred in his life from the age of seventy-five, when he finally left his father's household. 

All of this information is available online to the faithful student.  

So I have no agenda, nor did I at the commencement of my studies. It happened as I laid out the Full Bible Timeline and mapped out the events of Abraham's life that I began to see some interesting parallels.

By following the Jewish traditional teachings that have come down through the generations for thousands of years, and adding this to the scriptural teachings we can see that there are events that take place in Abraham's life that correlate to the nation of Israel today. I would also say, that these events connect to the church today and in the near future. 

A fascinating walk through the life of Abraham and the peculiar connection between events in his life and the events of the nation of Israel today as well as those of the church in these last days.

Firstly, we need to understand the various calendars that we review in the Full Bible Timeline.


You're familiar with BC dating; previously this referred to "Before Christ" - today, however - culture has replaced this with "Before Common Era" (BCE). Likewise, you are familiar with AD dating, Anno Domini - (Latin for "In the year of our Lord") - now replaced with (ACE), "After Common Era." Now what you may not be familiar with is AM dating - Anno Mundi - (Latin for "In the year of the World") - this calculation begins with Adam.


Some speculate on the duration of time that Adam and Eve were in the garden and assumed that the AM dating starts with creation. I believe that the Bible however, gives us a date specifically for the fall of Man. The AM dating begins here, at the entrance of death into the creation and therefore into humanity.

More on this here:

The Actual Date of the birth of Jesus:

Bible Timeline from Adam to Abraham

Let's begin with our study of the Bible Timeline by examining the genealogy in Genesis 5. By carefully following the math, as many scholars have done before, (Rabbi Yosef Ben Halfta in 160 AD), to name one. Genesis 5:3 states that Adam was 130 years old at the birth of Seth.


This places the beginning of Adam's death cycle 130 years previous. It is crucial to understand this point. Gen. 5:3 is giving us the key to the commencement of time. Adam did not track birthdays in the garden, no more than you will keep track of birthdays when in the timelessness of heaven. So we understand that the bible has given us a specific beginning year to the event of death entering creation, of the expulsion from the garden, of the beginning of time. Time, we realize is a measurement that only applies to life outside of eternity. Time ceases to have any meaning in the presence of eternity, of sinlessness, of everlasting life.

Now counting forward through the generations we arrive at the birth of Noah and his command to build the ark. It took more than a weekend for him, his father, grand-father and any hired hands to finish this massive project. Noah's children are not born until the project is well underway. The flood itself occurs in the year 1656 AM - which is a forward count from the fall of man. 

After the flood we continue the genealogy to Abram who is born in the year 1948. There is some debate about this year and I have written and exhaustive thesis on this - follow this link for the full essay.


Curiously we read in Genesis 11, that Terah, Abram's father, was leaving Ur of the Chaldees to go to Canaan. An odd thing to do considering Terah had not heard from God. Cultures in this time were Patriarchal societies and sons followed the lead of their father's. Why was Terah leaving the bountiful breadbasket of the world, to travel to a distant land he knew nothing about?


We read that the family travelled upriver leaving, or escaping from Ur. They settle in Haran, a community that bears an interestingly familiar name to the deceased brother of Abram, Lot's dead father - Harran. Here Terah stops his journey. 

Genesis 11:31

Terah took his son Abram, his grandson Lot son of Haran, and his daughter-in-law Sarai, the wife of his son Abram, and together they set out from Ur of the Chaldeans to go to Canaan. But when they came to Harran, they settled there.

Terah was leaving Ur to go to Canaan. Was he fleeing or was he called to leave this fertile valley? Going as far as the city Haran, which was built and named for his son, whom had died before his father. Here Terah stays.

Now you can download the entire study to review at any time. Nearly 6000 words and years of research to give you the answers to questions that have puzzled many for years.

Abraham lives with Noah

Now we need to take note of something curious. The book of Enoch is mentioned in the book of Jude. Jude directly quotes from Enoch, and this is the only reference to the book of Enoch in scripture. If you have read Jude, you have also indirectly quoted Enoch.


So Enoch is mentioned once in scripture, and the book of Jasher is twice mentioned. Curious. Well, the Jasher account gives details about Abram's early life, whereas the biblical record for us begins in chapter 12 when Abram, who later becomes Abraham, is 75 years old. His first 75 years are some fascinating reading and has been both believed and taught by Jewish rabbis for millenniums.

"Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?"  Joshua, 10:13

"Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher."  II Samuel, 1:18

Abraham comes to Ur

These teachings reveal the influence of Noah and Shem over the early years of young Abram. Abram learned to 'walk with God' from Noah who also walked with God. It is taught that Abram, at precisely the age of 48, returned down the river Euphrates, to the home of his father. When Abraham was 52 years old, it is recorded, that he begins to teach the law of God and win people over to this 'new' faith.


When Abraham was 52 years old, as it turns out, was exactly 2000 years from the fall of man. There is no disputing these facts and the math is perfect. This is not a new revelation, but indeed, something that ancient scholars knew well.

The early life of Abraham is nothing new to a Jewish Rabbi. The Jews know their father and have taught his life to their children for generations. Jewish Encyclopedia

Abrahams birth year confirmed:

Abraham leaves his father at 75 yrs old

So we confirm that Abram was born in 1948, that he began teaching the law of God in Ur at 52 years old - the year exactly - 2000. And now we pick up in Genesis 12. Abram was exactly 75 years old when he leaves his father's house. The year Abram leaves his father's house is the year 2023. Abram stays with his father for 23 years while he converts some to follow his new faith, including Lot. 

Abram is called to Canaan and never sees his father again.


It was Abram’s responsibility to care
​for his father in his late years.


Abram had to turn his back on his family and customs, everything he was raised to believe to be right and proper, to follow the call of God. He was never to see his father again. He did however, feel the responsibility to care for his deceased brother’s son... Lot.

Recognizing that Abraham was leaving his natural father and would not be there to care for his father in his old age — the Jewish rabbis considered how this seemed to run contrary to the commandment of honouring your father and mother.

The Jewish Rabbis have recorded in the Midrash Rabbah - Pages 315-316

For Terah was seventy years old at Abram's birth (Gen. xr, 26), whilst Abram departed from Haran at the age of seventy-five (ib. XII, 4); hence Terah, whose age at death was two hundred and five (ib. XI, 32), died sixty-five years after this command, and yet it is narrated before. 

On this point, the Jewish literature has the explanation (Midrash Rabbah on Genesis, cap. 39) that God absolved Abraham from the care of his father, and yet, that Abraham’s departure from Terah should not lead others to claim the same relaxation of a commandment for themselves, Terah’s death is noticed in Holy Writ before Abraham’s departure, and it is also added, to explain the mention of death, that “the wicked (and among them Terah is reckoned, see Joshua 24:2) are called dead while they are alive.”

This cannot be a point that is lost on us as believers. We too, were dead in sin, while we were yet alive. I have written on the three types of death that the bible gives us... Spiritual Death, which occurred in the garden and haunts us all until we encounter salvation. Physical Death, something that awaits us all, except two individuals in the bible whose time will come - shortly. And a thing called the Second Death, from which there is no escape - the eternal separation from God. 

Ephesians 2:1

And you were dead in your trespasses and sins,

Colossians 2:13

When you were dead in your transgressions and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He made you alive together with Him, having forgiven us all our transgressions,

Terah is the last to be mentioned in a genealogical list that begins with Noah’s son Shem. For each of those listed, we are given the age at which he fathered his son, the next link in the genealogical chain, and the number of years he lived after fathering him. The Bible does not provide a death notice for any of these figures except for Terah: “Terah died in Haran” (Gen. 11:32). Why is Terah the exception?


The Midrash is biblical exegesis by ancient Judaic authorities, using a mode of interpretation prominent in the Talmud. The midrash explains, “This teaches you that the wicked are considered as dead even during their lifetimes”—a notion expressed frequently in rabbinic midrash and therefore neither original nor surprising.


By this the midrash means to say that, although Terah lived on after Abraham’s departure, the Torah considers him to have been already dead because he was spiritually moribund.

Abraham leaves his father.jpeg

What does it mean for Abraham to now leave his father's house? He is the eldest son of his father's house, the one who, culturally is to care for his father in his old age. The one who was to inherit all that his father would have acquired over his lifetime. The Full Bible Timeline reveals that Terah was born in the year 1878 AM and that when Abraham leaves, Terah is 205 years old. Abraham is never to return to his father's house again.

  • He never returns for the funeral;

  • He turns his back on the cultural pressures of 'caring for his father in their old age,' which as it happens is also the first commandment with promise.

  • He forsakes any earthly inheritance

  • He forsakes the family estate or home

Abraham leaves his father's house to go to a place God had prepared for him, a place promised to him. Any future that Abraham had with his natural father was replaced with the future he was going to have now, with his heavenly Father.


So again, it's the year 2023 when Abraham leaves his father's household to go to the place God had prepared for him. 

For a detailed view of the life of Terah please see:

The Old Covenant in Blood

Now seven years into his journey, God has been ratifying a covenant with Abraham, with the establishment of covenant practices. God changes his name; God shares a covenant meal with him, God walks through the blood swearing His promises to Abraham. Abraham is to cut himself, (circumcision), but interestingly, it takes a while for him to obey this particular command.

At the time of this covenant, Genesis 15, God is walking through the blood of the animals that Abraham split in two. The year this took place was exactly seven years after he left his father's house - 2023-2030. So to wrap up Abraham's life to this point:

  • Born: 1948

  • Leaves his natural home to go to a place God prepared for him: 2023

  • Journey's into Egypt to escape a famine

  • Defeats armies and frees Lot from captivity

  • Pays tithes to Melchizedek

  • God swears the first covenant in blood: the year: 2030. 

Bible Timeline Abraham to Christ

Now here is a strange fact:

Precisely 2000 years from this point just mentioned — God standing in the blood trail of this first covenant and swearing the promises of the first covenant ---- from here we can fast forward 2000 years later and He is hanging on a cross, shedding His blood and establishing the new covenant in the year 30AD. 

Study note: The Life of Jesus

Bible Timeline - End Times Revealed

Now as mentioned, the calendar we recognize today is the AD dating system, and around the world, no matter what religion you are, you sign the same date on your checks like everyone else.


This dating system was based on the calculated birth year of Christ that Pope Gregory XIII introduced in 1582. To the best of their ability, they calculated the date of Christs' birth based on the records they had, which indicated a full lunar eclipse when Herod the Great died. Through their understanding of lunar cycles, they were almost correct. 

In 1630, astronomer Johannes Kepler was trying to identify Jesus' birth year using historian Josephus' information concerning Herod's death as linked to a lunar eclipse.


The traditional birth date assumes that Josephus is referring
to the partial eclipse on 13 March 4 BC.


Recently, modern astronomers using more sophisticated and accurate instruments then Kepler had, have calculated that in 1 BC there was spectacular total eclipse viewed from Jerusalem.  


This information has caused biblical scholars to reassess the calculations of Jesus' birth year to 3BC, in agreement with St. Clement, Irenaus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, and Eusebius.

In actual fact, we know today, that there was a spectacular full eclipse in 1AD and now this is commonly understood as the year of Herod's death. Therefore many scholars and theologians conclude, that the birth year of Christ was in fact, 3BC. I am sure you understand that there were no "Wise Men" showing up at the manger. That in fact, they did not show up until Jesus was a small child. It is understood that He was two.

Bible Timeline - Last Days

So we know that Christ was born in 3BC - we know that He dies in the year 30AD. Our natural calendar is in recognition of His life, as we begin the AD dating system with His (miscalculated) birth year of 1AD.


But, spiritually, the New Testament period did not
commence until His death on the cross.


He lived His whole life in the Old Testament period, bringing it to a close, on the cross. "It is finished". So the question is - if we, just for fun, begin a calculation of time from the commencement of this significant event - the cross, then what year is it today?


Our prophetic time clock starts at the cross/resurrection. Therefore we need to be aware of this when looking at events in our world today. It is actually, prophetically speaking, 30 years less of what you think. Therefore, instead of 2019 - it would be 1989. Not quite 2000 years since the beginning of the New Testament era. Just a fact.

We also calculate forward from His birth year of 3BC and arrive at His death year of 30AD. This date of 30AD is also confirmed by both the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud's. 

We read in the Jerusalem Talmud:

"Forty years before the destruction of the Temple, the western light went out, the crimson thread remained crimson, and the lot for the Lord always came up in the left hand. They would close the gates of the Temple by night and get up in the morning and find them wide open" (Jacob Neusner, The Yerushalmi, p.156-157). [the Temple was destroyed in 70 CE]


An inescapable fact is that Jesus was crucified in 30AD. The New Testament commenced at this time. From 30AD counting forward 2000 years would take us to 2030AD!

Bible Timelin - Babylon Talmud

These next two slides confirm the Jewish teaching that for forty years before the destruction of the temple, in 70AD by Roman General Titus, they noted that strange events were taking place in the temple and especially during the high holy day of Yom Kippur. This holy day was the one day a year that the priest would lay his hands on the 'scapegoat,' transmuting the sins of the nation onto the goat, and releasing the goat into the wild to be devoured by beasts. They would tie a red cord to the goat and the doorposts of the temple, and when this would change from red to white, then they knew the goat was dead and that their sins were forgiven.


For years they had noted that this 'miracle' would take place. However, from 30AD to 70AD, they record in their history, that this ceased from occurring. Also that the door of the temple, closed every night by six men, would be found open every morning. That the eternal flame on the Menorah, inside the temple, although filled with oil, would not stay burning all night. Every morning they found it extinguished.


So the Jewish history confirms that from the date 30AD - temple practices and traditions, began to cease.


Now we know that in fact, He did come at the beginning of the last two thousand years, but they did not receive Him, nor did they recognize Him. In fact, they crucified Him as the prophets foretold and from 30AD until today, almost two thousand years have passed.

From this point forward I need you to understand that I am presenting only my thoughts on how these events could all coalesce. It is only to arouse discussion.

Bible Timeline - 2030 last days

So we see that there has not been 2000 years from the death of Christ and the beginning of the New Testament period.


So how many years has it been since Christ rose again? The answer is a straight forward calculation of present year minus 30. Current that would make it not 2019, but 1989. 

We naturally can do the math from 30AD and His death on the cross, forward 2000 years to the year 2030AD.


Which would then be, exactly two thousand years after His death. This fact is indisputable. 

Bible Timeline warning

So we see that there has not been 2000 years from the death of Christ and the beginning of the New Testament period. We naturally can do the math from 30AD and His death on the cross, forward 2000 years to the year 2030AD.


Which would then be, exactly two thousand years after His death. This fact is indisputable. 

Last Days Bible Timeline

I know that can be troubling for some, while others will discount it as lean towards the present day Jewish calendar or begin complex calculations taking into account lunar years, and 360 day calendars.


Here is the thing. Did Pope Gregory take God by surprise with the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar? Are we an important generation, here near the end of the book and yet we have no idea how to tell time prophetically? There used to be a strong belief among prominent christian circles that God was finished with the Jewish nation and that all the focus was now on the church. This was the mainstream thought up until a small event took place in 1948, and the nation of Israel sprang up from the dry bones of survivors of the worst genocide in modern history. 

1 Corinthians 15:46

"However that which is spiritual was not first, but that which is natural, and afterward that which is spiritual."

Now we see that natural Israel is born again in the year 1948 - a direct correlation to the natural birth of Abraham in the year 1948AM. Is it just a coincidence that we have adopted this new calendar system which began in the year 582AD, in an attempt to honour the birth of Christ, and that in our miscalculations keep this calendar system. That we have not made any attempt to correct it, even though we recognize the error. That this calendar system fell on the year 1948 when Israel was declared a nation by the United Nations. Are these just strange coincidences, or are we to see that there is significance in these events and for this generation?

For many of you this next piece of information will be new. The fact is that six months prior, the United Nations offered the Arab world a land partition deal. United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine

On 29 November 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted the Plan as Resolution 181. The plan was accepted by the Jewish Assembly but rejected outright by all the Arab states. This initial plan was strictly limited on Jewish immigration to the area and provided a much smaller state size for the land of Israel. So this plan was still-born and not until six months later, in May of 1948 did the United Nations then declare statehood for Israel and drew up the borders. A nation was born. The year 1948. Not 1947. Nice that they waited a year so that it occurred on the same year as the birth of the father of the nation - Abraham. A fact that was not lost on the rabbis of the day.

So if we can make the connection between the birth of the father of the nation of Israel and the nation of Israel today, can we also make the connection between the spiritual children of Abraham as well? 

Romans 4:16
Therefore, the promise comes by faith, so that it may rest on grace and may be guaranteed to all Abraham's offspring--not only to those who are of the Law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham. He is the father of us all.

Galatians 3:9
So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.

Romans 4:11

And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had while still uncircumcised, that he might be the father of all those who believe, though they are uncircumcised, that righteousness might be imputed to them also,


Again the natural first and then the spiritual. 

Galatians 3:29

And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

It is interesting to note that the spiritual birth of the Christian nation begins with the firstborn from the dead, Jesus' resurrection in the year 30AD and that it will be precisely 2000 years of the Christian era in the year 2030AD. 

Bible Timeline - Second Coming of Jesus

Now here is where the fun begins. Previously it has all been basic math, addition - unmistakable math, doubtless that these dates and years are correct. So tracking time from Genesis 5:3 and the fall of man until Abraham returns to his father's house preaching one God - 2000 years. Exactly.


Now there are two places in scripture, and this is taught and understood by Jewish rabbis that these two places in scripture have a profound meaning. Psalms and Peter state that "A day is a thousand years and a thousand years a day." This is not just poetry, it is a revelation of the time clock of God. 2000 from Adam to Abraham preaching One God - is two days. I'll come back to this. 

This has been taught by rabbis for thousands of years. 

Talmud, Sanhedrin 97.

"The world is to exist for six thousand years. In the first two thousand years, there was the desolation, (no Torah). It is a tradition that Abraham was fifty-two when he began to convert men to the worship of the one true God, from Adam until then, two thousand years had elapsed. Two thousand years the Torah flourished; and the next two thousand years the Messianic Era, (the Messiah was to come in this period), but through our many iniquities all these years have been lost. (He should have come in the beginning of the last two thousand years, the delay is due to our sins). 

(I need to interject that Abraham did not have his covenant with God ratified in one day. Anyone who has studied covenant practices knows that there is a series of events that take place during a covenant. Especially a blood covenant. There are (in no particular order), the shedding of blood - a sacrifice made, there are promises sworn, there are gifts/robes/ weapons exchanged, there are curses pronounced for breaking the covenant, there is a name change that takes place, there is a mark made in the flesh, there is a covenant meal shared. I may have missed one. But you can see these things in the life of Christ, in the bond between David and Johnathan and in the life of Abraham. In Abraham's life he does not do all of these things in one moment. They happen over time. His name change comes first with promises made by God to him. There is a meal shared, where again the promise of a son if confirmed and the discussion of Sodom is held between the two parties. There is a sacrifice made as animals are split down the middle and God walks through the blood trail and swears He is going to be God to Abraham. More promises made to Abraham - the gift of a son. God fights alongside with Abraham giving him a great victory over the kings who sacked Sodom. Abraham gives gifts - tithes. God delivers Abram's family - Lot from Sodom prior to its destruction. God saves Ishmael from death, as He hears the boys cries, and goes on to pronounce the same blessings on Ishmael as were given to Issac - save that the Redeemer would come through Issac. God ratifies the covenant in stages with Abraham. God walks through the blood trail of animals Abraham splits down the middle. (Genesis 15), seven years into Abraham’s journey from Harran. Abraham does not finally circumcise himself until he is 99 years old and then Issac comes. Abraham does not 'separate' himself fully from his father's household until he splits with Lot. So Abraham's obedience was in stages and so was the establishment of the covenant.) 

So from Adam to Abraham is 2000 years - or two days. From the Old Covenant in blood that God swears with Abraham in the year 2030 (seven years into his journey to Canaan), until the New Covenant in blood as Jesus hangs on the tree in 30AD - it is precisely another 2000 years - or two days. From the time Jesus hung on the cross in 30AD  - it won't be another 2000 years until 2030. Factually inescapable. So in totality, it has not yet been 2000 years of New Testament era. Not quite yet. 

Abrahamic Life Code reveals the Tribulation

Now as Israel was born again as a nation in 1948 and that matches with the birth of father Abraham  -  and as Abraham was called out of his father's house to; reject his natural inheritance, to go to a land that was prepared for him, to travel to this distant land in faith, believing he would receive. Could it be that the Spiritual nation of Israel, the church - will so too, be called away to a place prepared for us, leaving this natural world and natural inheritance to be caught up together to be with Him in the air in the year 2023? The same year that Abraham leaves his natural father's house to go to a place God has for him. Could it be? 

Abraham has a seven year journey from 2023 to the year 2030 when God ratifies the covenant in blood. 2000 years later this is done again with Jesus on the cross. 2000 after the cross would be 2030. Seven years of 'Tribulation' away from 2030 gives us the year 2023. 


Now don't sell your house and wait on a mountaintop! This is for discussion purposes only. The point is not to be fearful or begin 'prepping'. The point is to get busy - being about your Father's business. The Master of the house is going to return! Ought not we be busy doing the things he asked us to do? "Go ye therefore into all the world..." - That means your neighbours, your co-workers, anyone you meet - learn how to let your light shine and how to share the gospel. If you don't know how to, find someone who you know does learn about the "Roman's Road" and how to lead someone to Christ. Become a disciple and learn how to disciple someone in the faith. Become a doer of the word and not just a hearer only. 

Israel and the Last Days

This is a recap of the Abrahamic Life Code timeline: Abraham born in 1948, Abraham returns home to preach One God - 2000AM -  Abraham leaves his homeland in 2023, Abraham has a Covenant established in Blood in 2030. God brings a new Covenant in 30AD - two thousand years later. Today we have seen the rebirth of Israel in 1948 - called a SUPER SIGN to the believers on the earth in that generation.


Are we among the "terminal generation" before the return of the Lord? The Torah predicted that the "end of days" would commence only after the return of the Jewish people from worldwide dispersion to the land of Israel (Deut. 30:1-3), and indeed the theme of exile and return is repeatedly stated in the prophets (Jer. 23:3; 32:37-38; Ezek. 37:21, etc.).


Therefore it is surely extraordinary that Israel was reborn as a nation in their ancient homeland on May 14, 1948, after nearly 2,000 years of exile among the nations of the world. The existence of the modern State of Israel is entirely consonant with the various New Testament prophecies regarding the advent of the Messiah, since Jesus taught that the Jewish people would reside in the promised land at the time of his second coming, and that the city of Jerusalem would be surrounded by enemies of the Jewish state (see Matt. 24-25; Mark 13, Luke 21). 

If we understand a "generation" to mean 70-80 years in duration (as stated in Psalm 90:10), then when Jesus said, "this generation shall not pass until all these things take place" (Matt. 24:34), he was referring to the generation that would originate with the restoration of the modern State of Israel, which further implies that Daniel's 70th Week (i.e., the Great Tribulation) could begin very soon indeed. 

There are signs every where, you just need the eyes to see and the ears to hear.


The whole earth is groaning. Nature is behaving unnaturally and mankind has stepped backwards in time, offering up sacrifices to Molech on a global scale.


Yet despite a world wandering in darkness like a blind man in search of some point of reference, there is at the same time, ironically, more light being shed abroad then any other time in history. There is worldwide revival in various forms but especially in the third world and the middle east where people are coming to the Lord by the millions.


Could it be that there will be a catching away seven years previous to the 2000 year marker from the cross? This would be 2030. Jesus was indisputably crucified in 30AD. Undeniably 2030 will mark 2000 years from His death on the cross.


2023 would mark the beginning of that seven-year count. You have to ask yourself if you believe in such coincidences or if you see the hand of Providence at work, revealing things only this generation would be able to see, understand and appreciate.

Please email me your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you.

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