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By M. Joseph Hutzler, Escatologist

The End Time WAR on our Gospel and the clear message to this Generation


Often this argument comes up from those holding to the Septuagint. I have weighed the value of both the Septuagint (LXX) and the Masoretic Text (MT) and have found not only the scholarly work and veracity of the MT to stand the test but also the archaeological evidence to verify the dating in the MT. Not to make these claims without evidentiary proofs, I will give links as to lay out the case in great detail would take many thousands of words.


Should one be keen enough to study the whole of the evidence on both sides, as to make an informed decision, it is my belief that you would too come to the same conclusion that I have. I know that there are loads of videos out there by so-called experts or researchers that will discount the MT version in favour of the LXX.


I, however, see a few issues with the works coming out of Alexandra Egypt at the time of the writing of the LXX and especially with the works of Origen. This Gnostic center of teaching has introduced a great many things into the Christian faith that I just cannot accept. But by far, this is not the only reason I cannot accept the LXX. There are 62 books in the LXX. Are we then to take all of these as inspired gospel? If we are going to quote from the LXX in reference to the accuracy of the genealogies would it not be fair then to accept the entirety of the volume of those 62 books? If we do this then we must embrace the glaring errors found in these extra books both historically and with regards to further dates and dating that are grave errors. To only rely on the LXX in relation to the Genesis genealogy must not sit well, even with the strong supporters of the LXX.  

In 1886, Alfred Edersheim wrote The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah. This was a highly scholarly work by a devout Christian gentleman.

He explained the background on the translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek in what we know as the Septuagint Bible. The contention that it was done by 6 translators for each of the 12 tribes, totaling 72, is contained in a spurious letter, Edersheim thus implying that is not reliable truth. (The Life and Times of Jesus, supra, at 25. --


Within the genealogies, we read sequencing of father to son naming and make the general assumption that the sons listed are the firstborn of the respective fathers. This, in fact, is not always the case nor does it need to be. The text does not require it to be so. What is the focal point is and always has been the Redeemer.


When we forget this we can make all kinds of errors. God is showing us the lineage of Christ, not just on a whim to show us, fathers and sons, from the first millennium. There is a specific purpose of how the text arrived on the pages in the manner we see today. Otherwise, we can slide down the slippery slope of the scriptures being uninspired. Tampered with by man and therefore not a solid foundational gospel. Personally I cannot go there. So when reading the genealogies I accept that the age of the father is specific to the son that will be the carrier of the bloodline in question - that of the Redeemer.


So, Eber was 34 when he had Peleg, Nahor was 29 when he had Terah, and Terah was 70 when Abram was born. It is not to say that Abram was the eldest. That is not critical to the text. This is clear with Noah's sons. Shem is not the eldest, Japheth was. Noah is said to be 500 and begot Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Were they triplets? No. Shem is the central character moving forward in the narrative and the one that will be in the line of Christ. So the scripture is clear to indicate to us that Noah was 500 when Shem was born. We do not need to guess. Nor do we need to know exactly how old Noah was when the other two boys were born. That is just not relevant to the story.


On an aside. With my suspicious mind, I see a bit of evidence for the seemingly new attack on the varsity of scripture today. Anything to discredit the scriptures but especially in relation to the timelines. It is only my opinion that this is under such a hard attack recently due to the very nature of its importance to us in this generation.


If you hold fast to the LXX dating then... There is no biblical significance in the year 1948, in relation to the rebirth of Israel to the life of Abraham in the LXX. There is no significance to the year of the Crucifixion and the resurrection as it relates to the telling of the Jews rabbis in both Talmud's written decades later. That's all a wash down the bin. We begin rationalizing in our minds birthing ages and we cannot accept folks over 70 have babies. We can't accept Shem could have had a long life interacting with many generations of the children of Abraham. We discount all the Jewish records confirming the dates of his birth and the influence of this life during those first 75 years before the 'final call' came to get out of his fathers' house and what that would mean to a son whose primary responsibility would be to care for him in his old age. We need things to fit within an understanding of the world we live in and understand. It is difficult for others to place themselves into ancient cultures and families and think as they think.


By continuing to hide or deny the genealogy in Genesis, specifically how it relates to Abraham we are missing what could be, perhaps, the most profound connective prophecy that our generation will ever see again. The life of Abraham seems alive again in the life of the nation of Israel (naturally) as it does in the life of believer's around the world today (Spiritually). The next happenings in Abrahams's life are about to be played out again in the years to come. We have already seen so much. Now some shocking things to come next. Without understanding the timelines connectivity to us today we will miss the events to come or discount them as 'strange' but not prophetic.


I have to conclude with my thoughts on Origen and the attack on the gospel that was guised in the new Christian religion. Origen's further attacks on scripture are evident in his development of the allegorical approach to interpreting prophetic scriptures, particularly the Book of Revelation as allegorically and not to be taken literally. The problems here are astounding and far-reaching in how the church developed going forward. No longer was there an expectation of His second coming, but a general acceptance that He had already come and presented us with the Millennium that we find ourselves living in. The church was the Kingdom of God on earth and was to expand this kingdom by any means. Well, we know what that led to, Death, Greed, Corruption, Abuse. It does not sound like any verses in the Bible I find on the subject of the millennium. The mindset of these philosophers that were coming out of the Alexandrea Library were not the book-smart leaders that the new growing Christian church needed. What they needed was Spirit-filled, Godly men, who were not seeking their great fame or to make a big name for themselves in a culture that glorified the 'teachers' the same way we do movie stars today. No, what the church needed was the Holy Spirit who would lead them in all truth.


Abram's birth in 1948 is not a coincidence. It has laid there for millenniums for us to discover. His life and the events in his life have meaning. They did for Jesus, for it was exactly 2000 years from Abram's covenant established in blood where God steps into the Blood Trail and swears His promises to mankind (Abraham) - and it was exactly 2000 years later that Jesus is hanging on the cross establishing another New Covenant made on better promises for all of mankind. This time through the blood of Jesus in exactly 30AD. Verified by both Christian and Jews scholars and both sets of Talmuds.


Simple math from the crucifixion to present will give you 1989, Truthfully this is the year of the New Testament to today - 1989 years. This means that between now (2019) and 2023 - things are going to get crazier and crazier and a global economic collapse designed to bring about a one-world system is about to happen. We are a generation alive that witnessed a huge prophetic sign - Israel became a nation again out of nothing! Unavoidably prophetic by any scale and people group.


So to deny that the date 1948 as not significant is just deliberate blindness. If you subscribe to the LXX genealogy you will see NO connection between the life of Abraham and events today. So you will dismiss all the warnings that I am sharing. If on the other hand, you have researched and you believe and know that this is no coincidence, that Israel is still significant. Still protected by God. That they still have a part to play in the prophetic history of the planet, then you believe with me. The next number of years is going to get worse, not better. Learn how to be as independent as possible. Get debt-free. Be as unplugged as you can be. Eat well. No sugar! Study to show yourself approved. By the time 2023 hits people will be so wrecked, so desperate they will bow their knees and follow whoever can help them out of their problems.


And it may be... just may be that as Abraham was called away; from his natural inheritance, his natural father, his idol-worshipping family to come to a new land that God had prepared for him and his new family in the 2023rd year from the Fall of Man when Abraham was 75... perhaps that will happen again to the Children of Abraham through faith? Something to think about for sure and something I am wildly open to discuss.



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