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M. Joseph Hutzler, Eschatologist 

Over many years the research into the Full Bible Timeline has again and again proven out one immutable fact, the Bible can be counted on as an accurate historical record. There are many 'facts' that scholars have held to because those 'facts' suited their personal interpretation and many 'facts' that historians have held to for the same reasons. There was a time when the Geographic Societies discounted the biblical record of Jonah because there was at that time no evidence of a city as big as Jonah describes. Yet when they unearthed the ruins of Ninevah in the 19th Century and began to discover it's immense size, experts had to reconsider.

I remember my time in bible school as I sat under professors who discounted the biblical genealogical record, claiming that tens of thousands of years occur between Adam and Noah. This, despite the careful math displayed in the verses of Genesis 5. So naturally I am sure that not all will be convinced by the beauty and simplicity of the Full Bible Timeline. But that's alright.

I have several pages of reference material here for you to review should you have the time for a good read. If you have any questions you can drop me an email at

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