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Methuselah is a living testament of God's Grace

What is the Noah Mandate? How can we learn from Noah, Lamech, and Methuselah - the builders of the Ark?

I am writing another book on the Noah Mandate and I thought 

I would share with you some of my notes in the development of the subject matter.

Noah was preparing the way of Salvation. John the Baptist also was doing this. Living on the edge of time. A shift in time.


What did Noah dream?
Many of us dream. We imagine a future for our children, our hopes and wishes for a better world. Life will often attempt to squash our dreams, and history is full of ‘hero’ characters that have seen their dreams become a reality in their lives through
trials and tribulations.

Have you ever thought of what kind of dreams Noah would have had? What kind of reaction do you think he got from Mrs. Noah when the news that the family home and garden was going to be wiped out!? All that they had worked for and labored
over for an entire lifetime was going to be washed away in an instant. Yet, I can see Noah, laying his head on his pillow at night and pondering the future that lay ahead.


He knew that the world he was familiar with was going to end. What lay ahead and was a blank slate of possibilities.
God had a dream for man as well. His dream was to have a family whose hearts and minds were turned to Him in affection and devotion. God shares His heart with us and desires us to walk with Him. Whatever Noah dreamed before he received this
command to start a shipyard was forever changed. These instructions he received even before his children were born. So his kids were raised in an end-times atmosphere and culture. Any preconceived ideas that Noah would have had about
having children and raising them in the wicked days in which he lived simply would not have been.

God shares His dream with Noah and partners with him in a vision of the future. I am persuaded that it was a dream of Noah to build a ship and sail his wife and father’s down the river and away from the wickedness that there was in their day.

Was the command to build the ark completely out of the blue
in terms of a vision that Noah had?

What were my dreams? How did things work out for me….. “All things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose” What was my experience through bankruptcies and divorce to work out for God’s good.


Moses had a dream in his heart to save his people illustrated by his motivation to rise up and kill the Egyptians. This dream is killed in the desert experience over the next 40 years – yet God restores his calling by having him deliver not one, by one
million people.

Noah was preparing a world for the Kingdom.
How are we preparing for the Kingdom?


What does it mean to be a bride?


Examples of preparation

How does God equip His hero’

  • He had the heart of God to teach a lost world with Kingdom principles

  • He preached God’s provision and Grace

  • He spoke of the opportunities in God’s new world

  • He shared God's heart and tenderness

  • How did he feel preaching for 100 years and having no one show up for an alter call

  • Was his identity in the preaching – in results

How did he handle the rejection that he shared with Jesus? For Jesus too, was rejected by his generation as well.

There was to be a new government and administration
No longer was he going to sleep with distant sounds of rape or murder

  • Change what you're listening to

  • Keep an ear on the still small voice of God

  • Understand that you have a destiny and purpose


No more guns shots going off throughout the neighborhood

  • Corruption in the administration would be over

Did he dream of this new world? Did he plan for it?

All that he owned and labored over for the past 600 years would be wiped away. He was commissioned to begin again – man’s chance to start over in the garden. They would be the only ‘Christians’ on the planet

How did Noah know God?
Where did he learn to walk with God?


He lived in a wicked generation… not just a short time – but hundreds of years.

  • The role of the father’s of the faith in preparing the last generations

  • How did Adam influence his children to hear from God… what would the results have been if he did not teach this?


Noah had never built a boat before

  • He received divine wisdom and words from God on building

  • He was inspired and had visions

  • But did he dream of building one

Did he dream of getting away? Noah was the father of Hope for a brand new world. He was commissioned to spread the “Gospel” – God’s Word to a new world.


Noah had an opportunity to start the first of many things

  • The first bible school

  • The first Government

  • The first Agricultural center

How did Noah feel about the commission?

  • Saying goodbye to any friends or family who thought he was nuts

  • How much does that sound like us when our family and old friends heard we were following Jesus
    o The mass deaths that would have happened
    o The fear of judgment of God
    o Or--- as He walked with God – was his relationship with Jehovah more understood in terms of benevolence?
    o He knew his grandfather’s name and its meaning
    o He saw the length of his grandfather’s days and knew of God’s Grace

He would have been a grace preacher --- mixed with some fire and brimstone

  1. Noah understood his position in time and saw into the future – saw into the Kingdom

  2. He saw hope and saw salvation – He would have been grieved in his spirit that so few believed his testimony

  3. What would it have been like to preach for 100 years without a single convert?

  4. Did he know he had a purpose earlier in his life? Were his prophet/fathers speaking into his life before God gave the word to him personally to build the ark?

  5. Why would prophecy have not been taking place in advance?

  6. Noah knew he had a mandate to replenish the earth! What was this mandate from God to him and how did this affect him

  7. As an old man, after the flood did he feel his work was done – did he desire

  8. Rest – which his name actually meant – Rest. Was he tired – spiritually? Did Noah have any influence on Abraham?

  9. What was involved in the curses Noah, prophetically pronounced over his son, Ham.

  10. How were Noah’s sons affected by being a part of a survival story.

  11. Did they all want to be there – were they willing participants… did they have faith in their father’s words of prophecy – or were they as willingly involved as Lot was in leaving Sodom?

  12. What was the source of Ham’s decision to uncover his father?

  13. Was it a lack of honor?

  14. Was it sexual in nature?

  15. Was it rebellion or disrespect?

  16. Describe a scene of hearing the preaching of Noah… write it so no one knows who it is preaching as they read… then reveal who at the end.

  17. How does this tie in with the millennium and where we are today?

  18. We are preparing a world for the Kingdom

  19. We need the heart of God to teach this world Kingdom Principals regarding:

  • Health

  • Education

  • Government

  • Entertainment

How are we seeing this today in church culture?

  • What will it be like to turn on the news and not have fear and death being proclaimed but rather the movement of God through the earth

  • Is God moving in the heart of His Bride to prepare for His coming

  • We are commissioned to prepare and begin bringing heaven to earth

  • Are we so attached to our earthly things and life that we can’t leave it all for Him?

  • Often God is asking us to do something we have never done before – and perhaps have no experience in. He does not call the qualified – He qualifies the called!

  • We will receive the wisdom and provision for the job ahead

  • We are the only voice of hope and salvation to a world desperately looking for answers


You have a purpose in God’s plan – you were born for such a time as this!

  • Hebrews tells us we are to enter into His rest? Did Noah enter his rest?

  • Have you heard from God lately? Being in a position to hear from God is so important to moving in the right direction in life. It is key to discovering your destiny and purpose. You, finding your purpose and destiny means life and death to someone, somewhere. What I mean about that you have no idea how your testimony impacts those that hear it.

Did Noah have a servant mentality or that of a son? Did he build the ark as a servant or did he as an obedient son, looking to the inheritance that was laid before him.

  • He was to inherit all the promises of God. All the promises of God were over Noah and his family. He was to walk in the fullness and glory that the Lord had prepared for him.

  • A son enters into rest, yet a servant is always at work. Noah entered into his rest.

  • Did his life before the flood reveal the destiny of his name? No – he labored and worked his life. He labored for 100 years on the ark. Matthew 11:28

Live Legendary! What does it cost to live a legendary life? What are legends made of… what failures haunt those legendary characters? Noah’s sons. Rahab, David, Moses… the bible was written by murderers beginning – middle – end.

  • What is the mindset of a legendary character? God changed Moses' mind! God changed Abram’s mind! God birthed the dreams in these characters to imagine a blessing beyond their abilities.

Philippians 4:13 – God provided for Noah and God provides for you.

  • You are equipped to accomplish what God has destined you to do in this – these years. John 8:32 knowing the truth can save your life and that of your families

  • He had to put feet to his faith… faith without works is dead.


By M. Joseph Hutzler, Escatologist

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