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A Second Coming Crisis

The set time has come. Not only for Jerusalem but for this generation and the world. Imagine the shepherds watching their flock by night. I am sure they'd have been bummed out, having pulled the short straws and getting the night shift. So this group of guys are sitting on the hillside on just another evening, watching the stars and talking about the yankees. Ok, perhaps they were not baseball fans, but they were passing the time when all of the sudden the world changed forever!

A group of angels, having won the Heaven's Got Talent competition, got to make the performance of a lifetime. These 'aliens' broke through the skies and belted out a tune to these random shepherds.

It had to happen to someone, somewhere. It had to happen to a generation at some point. It just so happened that these shepherds were in the right time to experience the arrival of the Son of God. Amazing. It may be hard for us in this generation to truly appreciate the magnitude of this event. It is so far in the past and we have sang songs about it for so many years that we, perhaps have become complacent with the whole idea?

Well, I need to inform you that it is time again. Absolutely everything is pointing to our generation being one that will witness His arrival. Yes. It is so true. When you drive from New York to Los Angeles, there are few signs in the beginning. Perhaps you'd see one that says LA - 2700 miles. It is not until you get closer that you see many, many more signs.

Everyone saw the Blood Moons and expected something immediate. We learned about the Shemitah Years and expected something immediate. We need to not be a fast food people when it comes to prophecy, but we need to step back and look at all of them and what they are pointing to. When you add them up they represent a buffet of signs in rapid succession that all scream that His return in imminent. And this time He is not arriving as a baby but as a King. He will crack the sky as an 'alien' (not of this world) and cause all nations to bend the knee.

In the realm of economics we are seeing the yield curve invert and the destabilization of fiat currencies worldwide. Historically every single currency war has led to a hot war. I foresee this hot war taking place in the middle east and according to the timeline we can expect that this event will take place within the next 18 months. There will be a war that threatens Israel and causes the world to rock financially. This will create a crisis that needs a solution and that will usher in a new global standard of currency, replacing the US dollar reserve. This new money will be a digital currency (not bitcoin), that will unify national currencies. This war will end in a great loss of life and the use of a limited nuke. The world will hold it's breath for a moment and then sombrely recognize the need for peace. This new peace accord will take root near or on the 2023. But between now and then there will be many forms of crisis around the world.

My prayer is that you will prepare as best you can for this. If you lived in California, you'd be educated on earthquake preparedness. You may even have a kit in your home. If you lived in Kansas you may have an tornado shelter in case of a storm. If you lived in New Orleans you'd be knowledgable about what to do in the case of a hurricane. I am asking you to be wise and prepared for what is coming. This economic storm will effect everyone. It is the storm before the war that takes place before the peace. You know and I know that this man-made peace will not last, and we need the Prince of Peace to truly bring us into a new millennium. But this will not occur until the commencement of that era, which takes place 2000 years after the cross. Two thousand years of New Testament era is coming to a close. 2030 marks two thousand years since Jesus died.

We have much to look forward to, and I just want you to be informed and aware and prepared. Not fear based - but with wisdom able to be of assistance to your families and a witness to this generation that is ironically dulled and lonely in a world of social connectivity.

Share with me your thoughts. How are you getting ready? Do you really believe that this generation will witness His coming?




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